destination cider


We’re excited to announce the late release of our fifth, small-batch cider from our 2015 vintage, called Onda, available only at our farm store and in our cider garden on weekends! This destination cider is being released on the occasion of Hudson Valley Cider Week.

 A unique Sidra or Spanish-style farmhouse cider, Onda (which means “wave” in Spanish) was made with apples from the 2015 crop and aged on the lees in our cooler for 18 months. During this time, extended contact with yeast gave it a kaleidoscope of savory flavors and funk. We only produced about 50 gallons of this special cider.

Onda tastes like green apples and lemonade in a hayfield with a loaf of sourdough bread. It is salty, savory and light-bodied with a brothy, umami core and a long complex finish. We recommend it for fans of Gose and sour beers. Try pairing it with braised pork belly, short rib, rustic Spanish cuisine and rich bean and tomato stews.