Fresh Pasture Raised Turkey (Deposit)


Fresh Pasture Raised Turkey (Deposit)

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About The Turkeys

We source our Turkeys locally from Pick of The Pasture Farm located in Greenwich New York. Much like our chickens, these turkeys were pasture raised and live in mobile coops which are moved around so they can enjoy pecking and foraging at new pieces of land. The pasture mix consists of clover, alfalfa, timothy and orchard grass, which provides an excellent diet high in protein for helping them grow.

Turkey Payment
The price you are charged through this website is a deposit for your Turkey. The rest of your payment is due at the time of pickup and will be determined by the final weight of your bird. Turkeys are priced at $5.50/pound.

A special price of  $4.99/pound is available for CSA & Farm Members with a valid membership card. Please note the discount is received upon pickup. 

Turkey Size:
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Turkey & Pie Pickup Dates:

Turkeys and Pies may be picked up on Sunday, November 19th from 9 am-6 pm and Wednesday, November 22nd from 9 am- 6 pm. 

Order Cancellation Policy:

Orders for Turkeys may not be canceled after November 15th.